1. abraxasofficial:

    "Voodoo Queen & AmphisBaena" UNCENSORED

    Model: The Iron QueenAbraxas666 - abraxas666 Facebook

    MUA: Vixen’s Creations 

    Photographer: Vonsterling

    Leather Designer: El Vaquero Muerto Leather and Art

    Sclera Lenses: ScleraXL www.scleraxl.com

    Wig: L-email wigs - www.wig-supplier.com

    Thanks to Flow for lending us his snakes for the shoot and for the great assisent!

    NL: Koningspython
    EN: Ballpython
    LA: Python regius

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  2. vintagebooty:

    The Serpent by Gadja - Penthouse 1976 Nude Pin-Up

    Original: https://www.etsy.com/listing/120482775/the-serpent-by-gadja-penthouse-1976-nude

  3. soyatree:

    Ren Hang

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  5. le-voleur-de-beaute:

    Model: Miroslava Dronyuk

  6. lovemodelsfashion:

    Cindy Crawford

  7. le-voleur-de-beaute:

    Photo by Sergey Ostapovsky

  9. soyatree:

    Ren Hang

  10. le-voleur-de-beaute:

    Photo by Sergey Ostapovsky