4. mattdyne:

    Dogs Get Girls

    I was having a cup of coffee in town the other day, and there was a cute little dog tied up outside the coffee shop. It was noon, and lots of high school girls had come over for lunch. Is that why I go there at noon for coffee? That’s not my point.

    A group of half a dozen girls kneeled down and ahhhed, ooohed, coooed over, and petted that little dog. Then an old guy came out, the dog’s owner, and got to talking with that group of girls.

    It’s like a friend of mine once said. “How far are you going to go to see a little tit?” Not that any of the girls were showing any.

    My point is, I ain’t gettin’ a dog so I can flirt with a  bunch of high school girls, but if it happens to you, like with this old timer… Go for it.

  5. nudepageant:

    better as black and white

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